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Rub With Love Chicken Spice Rub - 3.5 oz J & J Habanero Private Reserve Hot Sauce 5.5 oz
J & J's Private Reserve Habanero Sauce 5.5 oz
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A fragrant blend with hints of star anise, cinnamon, coriander and ancho chile, this is a great rub for roasting a whole bird or grilling chicken pieces. If you like flavor with heat we are sure you will love this sauce!
Straw Propeller Peach & Berry Bramble Gourmet Oatmeal Benissimo Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar
Peach & Berry Bramble oatmeal is big on taste.  This isn't your regular oatmeal, Straw Propeller is loaded with chunks of peaches & raspberries.  Plus it's all-natural! This vinegar is perfectly balanced with sweet fruit and the light richness of Balsamic Vinegar. Combined with olive oil, it will brighten any green salad or brown rice salad with red peppers, asparagus, and sweet corn.
Hot Squeeze Sweet Heat Chipotle Sauce - 12 oz Straw Propeller Banana Bread Gourmet Oatmeal
Hot Squeeze is a sauce with personality.  It's smoky (because of the chipotle, a smoked jalapeno peper).  It's spicy, it's sweet, it's sassy and it's sexy all in one bottle! Check out Straw Propeller's banana bread gourmet oatmeal.  Straw Propeller's oatmeals are made with all-natural ingredients like bananas and walnuts.  Just add hot water and go!  Straw Propeller puts the 'go' in gourmet!